Controlled circular process

Controlled circular process



Piensos Costa produces a natural, balanced feed made from the very finest raw materials.



Piensos Costa oversees the complete pork production cycle through the various stages of weaning and fattening, with our own veterinary services on call. Our commitment to ‘welfare’, within the group’s policy on the environment and livestock welfare, is apparent and helps ensure a quality end product. In addition, genetic screening of the best breeds allows us to obtain meat that is tastier, more nutritious and more tender.



As the slaughterhouse is so close to the processing rooms at Costa Food Meat, with their cutting-edge technologies and the flexibility to adapt to any client, it means the quality of the pork is maintained in the best of conditions through to its processing. The philosophy here is one of continuous improvement across the Group, aided by the most demanding certifying processes around.


The cyclical process involved in controlling the whole pork production process ensures traceability, in addition to a constantly maintained high level of quality.
Certificado Trazabilidad Piensos Compuestos Certificado Trazabilidad Sector Porcino
Vertical integration at Costa Food Group allows for total traceability and for any product to be certified from the outset, granting the products the very best guarantee out there.

Guaranted total traceability across the whole production chain.